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  • cutting unit

    Planetary PVC pipe cutter

    • In accordance with the requirements for the production speed, as well as for various materials, our company produces various cutting devices: planetary type with and without chamfering function, dust-free cutting with knives of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC pipes.
    • We manufacture both planetary cutters, which are applicable for cutting very thick and very thin pipes, and guillotine cutters driven by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.
    • Cut-off devices for precise measurement of the cut length of the product.
    • Synchronization by servo motor, with precise control and precise timing movement and flexible speed control, ensures the durability of mechanical parts.


    Dust-free PE pipe cutter

    Dust-free PE pipe cutter

    Universal Dust-free PVC / PE Pipe Cutting Machine

    Universal Dust-free PVC / PE Pipe Cutting Machine

    Double Dustless PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

    Double Dustless PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

    Dust-free cutting device for 4 PVC pipes

    Dust-free cutting device for 4 PVC pipes

    Dustless PVC Pipe Cutting Unit

    Dustless PVC Pipe Cutting Unit



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  • * Test and accept based on Liansu standard formula

  • LS-Cutter







    • According to different line speed, size range and thickness, there are different cutter for option.

    • For high speed chipless cutter adopt servo motor to ensure fast speed cut and good sychronization.

    • For planetary cutter adopt reliable hydraulic system ensure the stablity.

    Planetary cutter

    Planetary cutting mechanism, multi-point quick clamping structure, suitable for any pipe diameter within the range, lens type seal, effectively prevent cutting powder from floating. Self balancing counterweight and automatic profiling structure ensure uniform chamfering.
    Smooth cutting notch. Good dust collecting effect.

    Swarfless cutter

    Single or double blade swarfless cutting, stable cutting, can cut thin pipe, especially thick pipe.
    Electric cam control cutting cart, fixed length precisely, cutting stable.

    Flying Knife Cutter

    Large inertia flying knife servo motor,has great impact force when cutting. Fixed length cutting adopts "PLC free control".
    The circuit is extremely simple and the failure rate is low.


    According to the different wall thickness and speed of cutting products, the cutting machine with synchronous cylinder and servo synchronous can be selected.