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    • When the scraps cut off from edge cutting unit, directly brought into this machine, using screw friction producing heat, to make material become half molten state and then quickly cooling and dicing.
    • This machine's advantage is no need heating, no dust, minimal noise. Therefore it won't destroy plastic's molecular structure, no need secondary plasticizing, less power consumption. The process granules proportion is similar to original grain, can evenly mix with raw material, not easy jam in feed bush and produce crystallite,additive amount can reach 30 - 40%.
    • This product is widely adapted to PE, PEVA, stretch film, which can match on-linesynchronous recycling of casting production line and film blowing machine unit.
  • MOTOR POWER30 kg
    OUTPUT200 m/min
    100-150 kg/h
    DIMENSION (L×W×H)2×1×1.5 m
    WEIGHT800 kg