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Package CPE Film Production Line

  • Product advantage:

    • Multi-layer co-extrusion can produce product with higher tensile strength, puncture resistance and impact resistance to ensure product quality.
    • High quality alloy steel automatic die, match the infrared on-line automatic thickness gauge, it helps the thin film's thickness more uniformity.
    • Interlace spiral flow channel design of casting roll, it helps the surface temperature's error less, to improve thin film quality.
    • Winding tension is closed-loop control, conical degree is automatic calculated, guaranteeing the constant of tension.
    • Full servo control system, online cutting, four station turret type winding machine, which can truly realize full-automatic production.
  • Technical Data:

    LINE SPEED (m/min) 600
    THICKNESS RANGE (micron) 0.015-0.05
    DIMENSION (L*W*H m) 10x10x5