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Plastic Granular-fullautomatic Dosing And Conveying System


  • General features

    The central feeding conveying system adopts a fully intelligent equipment to centralize power source to convey material to a specified position.
    Meantime a series of material treatments are applied including crushing, feeding, dosing, mixing, dehumidifying, conveying, vacuum separating and filtering.
    Overall, it is a process by information collecting and intelligent monitoring management.

    Material central conveying: by adoption of high pressure vacuum air suction device, with air as the conveying medium whose pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, to form a certain degree of vacuum in the pipe system. Simply, by air movement with a certain flow rate, the system is able to transport the material to destination from somewhere by pipeline.

    The vacuum pressure is usually between -10 KPa to 50 KPa.

    Advantage of Liansu Central Feeding System

    Safe production, high automation:

    Adopt plc control, high expand ability, simple humanized operation interface, continuous unmanned operation, high reliability.

    Visualized and precise management

    Adopt industry ethernet remote monitoring system, can constantly monitor the material allowance and consumption.

    High flexibility and powerful function:

    According to different material formula, automatically finish dosing, mixing, drying conveying and etc.

    Quality control & efficiency improvement:

    Automatic unmanned continous material conveying in a closed-loop, to ensure no secondary pollution and waste of material, to improve the production efficiency and stabilize the product quality;

    Power centralized system:

    Optimize the power consumption, increase the energy efficiency, small floor space, low frequency of maintenance; professional solutions, by combining the designed program of material specialty, air speed, air pressure, engineering structure, and etc, we can effectively solve the problem of dust production, degration, static electricity during the material conveying process.

  • Storage Silo
    • Stainless steel silo is used for large amount of single material including particle, powder and fittings storage;
    • Liansu can offer: outdoor open material silo, indoor material silo, manual feeding bucket and ton bag feeding bucket.
    • Material silo equip with level indicator, can fixed-point monitor the material capacity, or mount the weiging sensor, frequently and precisely monitor the material capacity.
    • Liansu can offer the positive pressure conveying or negative pressure material sucking for customer to choose;
    • Positive pressure conveying material silo of particle equip with standard air filter (powder material silo equips with high-precision impulse filter), to ensure no environmental pollution.

    Matching Color Mixing System

    • Lansu weiging mixer is a fully automatic mixer integrated with weighing,dosing and mixing, can save the manpower,improve the efficiency, continuously and precisely distribute material according to the proportion, it is the necessary device of automatic production; can offer the weighing type or weight-loss type color mixer for the user's option;
    • Mainly used for multiple material mixing precisely according to proportion, the weighing machine of our company can realize 2~20 kinds of material weiging,matching and mixing, matching precision up to ±0.1 ~0.3%;
    • Stronger plc control function, faster operating rate,strong anti-interference, has automatic compensating function, can store over 500 groups of formula;
    • Can realize ethernet remote monitoring the working status, material usage formular statistics.

    Vacuum Power System

    • Vacuum pump is used for positive pressure or negative pressure dilute-phase conveying material to provide power source.
    • Liansu can offer: roots vacuum pump, side stream high-pressure air pump, working pressure 10-80 KPa.
    • Roots pump equips with double silencers,noise controlled under 80 dbs, optional central air exhausting noise reduction and soundproof room, noise controlled under 72 dbs;
    • For long-term and stable running of the system, Liansu air pump adopts the mode of 'multiple uses and one spare', when there is exception to one of the air pumps, it is able to switch to spare air pump via automatic valve or manual valve.

    Filter system

    Central filter can protect fan and clean the air, it is used to clean dust produced during air-material separation while in negative pressure vacuum suction.
    Equip with double filters for cyclone filter and pulse filter respectively:

    • Cyclone filter uses independent cyclone structure, can effectively remove above 80% of dust, better prolong the pulse filter life and protect the ventilation capacity;
    • Pulse dust collector adopts high-precision coated polyester non-woven fabrics filter core, 7μm precision,regular automatic dust removing,and it has good acid-resistant and alkaline-resistant properties, 1-2 years service life.

    Vacuum Suction Hopper

    • Vacuum suction hopper: it is used at the entrance of material bucket and forming machine table, has air-material seperation function during suction process;
    • Complete specification of liansu suction hopper, and each hopper equips with light sensing low material level balanced sensor, sensitive, strong anti-jamming ability, it has no fear of high temperature.
    • Firm air filter sieve, suitable for particle,sheet,powder recycled material;
    • Liansu can offer full-powder suction hopper to choose,filter of powder sucking hopper adopts high-precision filter core;
    • Adopt full stainless steel 304, firm and durable.

    Central control system

    • Liansu integrated control system monitors the working condition of entire feeding system, can intuitively know the working situation of system;
    • Display material storage and allowance in silo, material source of machine table, application of mixing formula, and accumulated total amount of material consumption;
    • Can set parameter of each fan, weiging color mixer,suction hopper, material level of silo, etc;
    • Has the function of displaying lacking material and audible alarm, and it displays the alarm content to better diagnose the reason of the problem.
    • Control system connects with pc host,to realize ethernet remote monitor and data integrated management.