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System Instruction

Feeding Digitization

Equipment acquisition: Real time collection of mixing system temperature, current, mixing time of each batch, etc.
Operation monitoring:Each batch of mixing time monitoring, real-time monitoring of equipment status, and alarm in case of abnormality
Process visualization:Check the real-time operation of the equipment through computer and large screen board.



Manufacturing Digitization

Equipment acquisition: Real time acquisition of equipment process parameters, speed, quantity, material consumption, electricity consumption, etc.
Fault warning: Data analysis of unit power consumption, equipment utilization rate, daily output, shift output, product quality problem tracing, etc.



Packing Digitization

Equipment acquisition: Real time collection of packing quantity, weight, etc.
Progress visualization: Real time grasp the order production progress and order completion rate, and realize the visual management of the production process.
Data analysis: Automatic collection of qualified quantity and weight of finished equipment, analysis of material utilization rate by equipment and team, etc



Overall structure


Function structure


Equipment Digital Platform

Equipment monitoring: Equipment real-time status, 24-hour status, equipment utilization, real-time process parameters of equipment operation, etc
Energy consumption management: Comparative analysis of energy consumption per unit weight, total energy consumption and production of the same product.
Production management: Real time display of equipment output analysis and output analysis of different dimensions.
Alarm management: Wechat and email push the alarm, screen board real-time display, alarm confirmation, automatic filing of process parameters and automatic identification of filing reasons when the alarm is triggered.
Features: It is suitable for different brands of equipment, different PLC, old equipment, low-cost implementation of data collection of non open protocol ,data address equipment.