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CPE Cast Film Production Line

CPE Cast Film Production Line

  • High precision extrusion pressure closed loop control system, it can maintain a constant of extrusion output.
  • High quality multicavity flow channel automatic die head, it can solve the lateral spread uneven situation which caused by different flow of material, the automatic thickness gauge system match on-line, its convenient to control the films even thicknes.
  • Interlace spiral flow channel design of casting roll, it helps the surface temperature's error less, to improve thin film quality.
  • With Full-automatic double-station winding machine, to coil in gap or winding contact mode can be adjustable.
  • Winding tension is closed-loop control, conical degree is automatic calculated, guaranteeing the constant of tension.
  • Equipped with remote diagnosis module, its convenient to maintain the equipment.


17 Aprilie 2020