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PVC Full-automatic Compound And Conveying System


  • Aim at all kinds of PVC compounding, mixing, conveying color blending, conveying and PVC granules distribution, we offer a customized turn-key proposal.

  • Feeding station
    • Feeding station is used for unloading bag and discharging bagged material such as PVC, CaCo3 powder and various kinds of additives.
      It equips with dust collecting fan and filter, to eliminate dust produced during feeding process, can improve the working condition.
      We offer standard bag feeding station, ton bag feeding station and automatic unpacking station, or it can be manufactured according to customers requirement.

    • Material storage silo is used for storing pvc, caco3 powder and various kinds of additives.
    • Material loading level indicator of silo body can display the position and quantity of material inside the silo.
    • For those material with bad fluidity, arch-breaking device is mounted at the bottom of silo, to the caking and bridging created on material deposit.

    Filtering system

    • Dust catching system consists of filter core, fan, pulse back flushing self-clean system, is mounted above the material silo, feeding station and scale silo, etc. It can effectively separate material, and the gas is exhausted to air via filter core to improve the working environment.
    • Dust catching system has high efficiency of filtering and cleaning because of its strict design, it has been passed various of testing before delivery.

    Precise Electronic Scale

    • The electronic scale is used for calculation of major material and additive, it strictly control the precision of each component ontent to ensure the production quality.
    • The electronic scale adopts high-precision bent beam type pressure sensor to ensure the precision of weighing.

    Pipe Chain Conveyor

    • Pipe chain conveyor is used for mixed material of system downstream distributing to every extruder unit. 
    • During operation, material moves in the sealed pipeline, to prevent the second pollution to material and also prevent dust produced by material from affecting environment. 
    • Conveyor has the feature of impact structure, less occupied space. 
    • Strong conveying capacity, low energy consumption, optional layout of material inlet and outlet to meet the technical requirement. 
    • Easy for centralized control and improving the automation.

    Central Integration Controlling System

    • Adopt full computer control of industry control pc combining with plc, it realizes full automatic control and monitoring, storing formulas that production need, statistics of production data, real-time dynamic control, fault alarm, multilevel password protection, and the seamless connection with ERP system.