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Plastic Pipe On-line Bagging Machine

Plastic Pipe On-line Bagging Machine


  • Available with plastic Bag packaging;
  • Available for packaging of PVC, PPR, PE straight pipes diameter from 75-160 mm;
  • On-line bagging while running at max line speed of 6 m/min;
  • Customized packaging solutions with offers according to single, twin or four pipe extrusion equipment.


  • Compact size, simple and stable structure, excellent user operating experience;
  • Compact structure with working width within 1100 mm;
  • Refined film clamping device ensuring the bag will be tightly stably clamped with 0.15 MPa air pressure;
  • Applicable to pipe stocking devices which are of different central height;
  • Simple, quick and humanized regulation while changing specification;
  • Reliable clamping film bagging,ensure not to loose film within the pressure of 0.15 MPa;
  • Hot sealing of the bag mouth adopts a method of four bondings to make sure the quality of sealing;
  • Realize stepless servo adjustable in pipe packaging range between 2.5 and 4 m.

Technical data:

  • Suitable for plastic film bagging;
  • Specification range: 75-160 mm PVC,PPR,PE straight pipe, realizes on-line bagging and packaging,meets line speed 6 m/min on-line packing request;
  • Pipe extrusion equipment for single pipe, double-pipe and four-pipe,corresponding each kind of on-line packing equipment;
  • Body dimension (L*W*H): 8×1.1×0.9 m.

Parts Instruction:

  • Fixed length and positioning mechanism of packing bag, material saving and beautiful;
  • Deviation correcting mechanism,guarantee the effect of packing;
  • Production pipe diameter range: ⌀75-⌀160 mm;
  • Pipe packing length: 4-6 m;
  • Match each pipe production line, to realize on-line automatic packing;
  • Hot sealing device of bag opening, skillful structure;
  • Guarantee no bag drops out as long as the air pressure is over 0.6 MPa.


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