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Plastic Granular-fullautomatic Dosing And Conveying System

Plastic Granular-fullautomatic Dosing And Conveying System

The central feeding conveying system adopts a fully intelligent equipment to centralize power source to convey material to a specified position.

Meantime a series of material treatments are applied including crushing, feeding, dosing, mixing, dehumidifying, conveying, vacuum separating and filtering.

Overall, it is a process by information collecting and intelligent monitoring management.

Material central conveying: by adoption of high pressure vacuum air suction device, with air as the conveying medium whose pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, to form a certain degree of vacuum in the pipe system. Simply, by air movement with a certain flow rate, the system is able to transport the material to its destination from somewhere along the pipeline. The vacuum pressure is usually -10 kPa to 50 kPa.


18 April 2020