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Mixer Unit

Mixer Unit

  • Tank cover is double sealing, opened by pneumatic, easy operation.
  • Cylinder is stainless steel material, wall thickness is up to 8 mm.
  • Material discharge is temperature auto controlled or time controlled.
  • Anti-abrasive blade, adopts special coating technology, ensures the durability of the blade.
  • Flowchart electric control operation interface has simple human-machine exchange function.
  • Equipped with impulse dedusting device, ensuring speedy discharging and reducing mixing area's pollution.
  • Motor start and speed regulation is governed by the inverter, to avert the excessive power that caused by high power motor start to impact on the electric network, so as to protect the electric network safety and to achieve a stable speed control.
  • With direct stable control type and analog display screen, the staff can complete the setting for the different mixing material requirements within few seconds, realizing the full automation of the manufacturing procedure, which greatly reduces labor intensity and production costs.
  • "Thermocouple PLC" direct control averts the situation of too high/low temperature when discharging, so as to ensure the high product quality and improve the production's flexibility, security and reliability.


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