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HDPE Pressure Pipe

HDPE Pressure Pipe

  • According to different pipe application and pipe pressure, we recommend different configurations of production line.
  • With optimized screw design, we achive high output and low power consumption, as well as good material plasticization at high screw RPM.
  • The integrated gravimetric system allows us to detect the weight of product in real time, which saves production cost and guarantees pipe quality.
  • Stainless steel material, with reasonable arrangement of pipelines, low power consumption.
  • Die head designed with air exhausting system, which enchances the cooling efficiency, and on the other hand, reduce tank length, and save prodcution cost.
  • Optional to choose multi-caterpillar haul-off unit with wide speed range.
  • Designed with double hydraulic system, the swarfless cutter offers a clean cut without flanging.


17 April 2020