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Coiling & Packaging Device

Coiling & Packaging Device

To meet different market demands, increase production efficiency, reduce labor cost, liansu has developed five models of online packaging machines according to different product property and working speeds.


Available For The Winding Of PE, PERT Pipes Diameter Below 32mm, Running Stably At Max Line Speed Of 50 m/min.


  • High speed winding, automatic exchange of coiling station, automatic strapping, robotic discharging;
  • With fully servo control to coiling, pipe displacement, pipe conveying, and exchange of coiling station; tension control to pipe storage mechanism; fixed-length cutting and precise signaling to printer, to ensure good and stable coiling performance at high speed.
  • Pipes with length from 2.5m to 4m could be continuously adjustable
  • Reliable strap transmission design, excellent heat bonding effect and reasonable packaging bundling mechanism.


Coiling & Packaging